September 28, 2021

Zeo adds overt sugar labelling to range in a bid to tackle consumer concerns

Premium natural soft drink Zeo continues to innovate the soft drinks sector with new bottle neck labels to reinforce its low sugar, all natural messaging.

Zeo, which successfully relaunched in 2015 with an all new brand identity and flavour portfolio, has introduced the more overt labelling in a bid to help tackle consumer concerns about the amounts of sugar in their daily diet.

Clearly signaling that Zeo contains 32 fruits & botanicals, with 98 per cent spring water, the labels aim to speak directly to the consumer with very clear sugar messaging:

“I’m only 1.5 teaspoons of sugar per serving” *250ml per serving.

Zeo expertly blends natural stevia with pure cane sugar which forms the base of its natural sweetness.  The soft drink warrants a FSA green traffic light with only 2.3g of sugar per 100ml – a considerable amount less when compared to other soft drinks such as coconut water (5g of sugar per 100ml), Coca Cola Life (6.8g of sugar per 100ml) and This Water (10g of sugar per 100ml).  Further plans are in place to add the FSA traffic light details to zeo in the future.

The new bottle neck labels, produced just this week, will feature on the 750ml Cloudy Lemon variant exclusive to Tesco stores, as well as Peach & Grapefruit 750ml available in both Tesco and Co-op.  The move forms part of the brand’s continued aim to offer low sugar lightly carbonated soft drinks made with all natural ingredients that don’t compromise on taste.

Says Mark Young, CEO of Zeo: “The soft drinks sector is full of ‘lighter’ or ‘diet’ versions of existing soft drinks. With Zeo, we are THE light version. We know that consumers are demanding more natural ingredients and low sugar and that’s what we’re providing them. With our new bottle neck labels we will help eradicate confusion and also help people make a more considered, educated choice when choosing soft drinks.”

PR, social media and sampling activity will continue to form an integral part of Zeo’s marketing plan throughout 2016, with the low sugar messaging being a key focus of all communications.

The first 50,000 bottle necks were produced in Somerset late January 2016 and will be hitting shelves late February and early March.