June 17, 2021

The taste of summer

Unknown-1Grown in Amalfi and distilled in England, this summer Pococello will be providing a zesty, citrus zing to keep tastebuds refreshed throughout the season. 

A strictly limited-edition fruit of an exclusive collaboration between the world-renowned Chase Distillery and favourites, Pizza Pilgrims, Pococello is a continent apart from the sickly sweet limoncello familiar to holidaymakers. Fusing Amalfi lemons with England’s finest spirit, and handcrafted in small batches for the ultimate in flavour and refinement, it’s the authentic taste of sunny days and mellow evenings, by the sea or in the city.

Poco encompasses the meaning ‘little’ and encourages you to enjoy a little shot straight-up, ice-cold, or in a host of refreshingly continental cocktails including the delicious Poco-Tonic.

After scouring Italy in their Piaggo Porter van, Pizza Pilgrims founders Thom and James Elliot discovered the perfect lemons for making their very own limoncello. Taking to the hills above the fabled town of Amalfi, Pococello was born… well at least the lemons were. 2,000km later, the delicious beverage found itself in Dean Street and Kingly Court, taking over two corners of Soho, and eventually made its way to Exmouth Market last year. 

With their vivid yellow, perfumed skins, Signor Aceto’s lemons are packed with the essential oils that make the difference between a standard limoncello and a drink that is nothing short of transcendent.

Why not enjoy at home:

Pococello TonicPoco Tonic


35ml Pococello

10ml Fever Tree Tonic


How to make it?

Serve in a highball glass with lots of ice and a whole slice of lemon.


Pococello GranitaPococello Granita



Lemon juice