October 25, 2021

Ringtons adds Rwandan coffee bean to its portfolio

Coffee and tea expert Ringtons has added a brand-new Rwandan 1000 Hills coffee bean to its portfolio. The roast is the first single origin coffee to be produced at the company’s state-of-the-art coffee roasting facility in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Made up of 100 per cent washed bourbon Arabica beans, which are grown at altitudes of up to 1,900 metres, this bean comes exclusively from the 1000 Hills Farm in Rwanda. The end result is a clean and focused roast which perfectly balances sweetness and bitterness with fruit character and palate weight.

This new roast is perfect as a short and vibrant espresso thanks to the light citrus notes, but also works well with milk.  This bean is ideal for filter coffee machines and speciality coffee shops looking for a high quality, single origin, versatile bean to appease discerning coffee drinkers.  Ideal for single serve, chemex and aeropress.

John Broad, National Sales Manager for Ringtons Beverages for Business, said: “Coffee connoisseurs are everywhere and there is increased demand for single origin coffees with distinct flavour profiles. We wanted our customers to have access to the very best coffee and by introducing our first single origin bean, we can really hone in on the unique tastes offered by this specialist roast. There is a number of factors which impact the taste of a coffee bean, such as climate, altitude, growing conditions and weather which means that all coffee growing regions produce different tasting coffee and Rwandan coffee is renowned for its delicate taste and citrusy flavour profile which comes through beautifully in our new Rwandan 1000 Hills bean.”

Ringtons Beverages for Business was set up in the 1980s to supply businesses looking for the same quality products and service Ringtons is famous for from its 111-year-old traditional doorstep delivery service, but in a food service or business environment.

More than 30 years after it launched, Ringtons Beverages for Business division is stronger than ever – thousands of customers from every business arena are supported by Ringtons and the division offer everything from tea and coffee made in its own UK factory, to traditional and- state-of-the art coffee equipment, barista training, café design and a private label packing service.