December 3, 2023

Peachie launches tasty toppings to take on the menopause

A new business specialising in tailored nutrition for the menopause has launched its first product, a breakfast topping, to coincide with October’s World Menopause Month.

Launched by a group of four female founders with backgrounds in the food industry, Peachie has worked with a chef and a nutritionist to develop the breakfast topper, which combines hand-baked nuts and seeds with 14 specially selected vitamins and minerals tailored to support women during menopause.

The combination of wholefoods with the bespoke supplement blend delivers 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D for women and a third of other key nutrients including magnesium, biotin and vitamins B12 and C. The blend of nuts and seeds contributes five of the now recommended 30 plants and seeds per week and, in one daily serving, contains as much fibre as a banana and the same amount of protein as an egg white.

The vitamins and minerals selected contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal cognitive function and, when served with the recommended kefir or live yoghurt, can help to promote a healthy gut microbiome. 

Becky Horrocks-Taylor, co-founder of Peachie, explained: “For too long, menopause has always been seen as taboo – it’s time for this to change and for our needs to be met in a more positive way. At Peachie HQ we’ve combined our love of good food with the nutritional know-how of experts to make a product which is both delicious and can help to deliver essential nutrition tailored to the menopause. 

“We’re excited to share our first product during World Menopause Month as the first step in our mission to create foods that are an enjoyable and easy way to look after our evolving day to day health needs,” she said.

Peachie’s menopause products are available online at at £11 per pack (10 servings). As a launch offer, Peachie is offering up to 20% off a month’s supply (£24). The team plans to start rolling out to more retailers and through hotels and spas in the new year.