September 19, 2021

Official ‘World’s Best Martini’ launched by Daffy’s Gin

Daffy’s Gin, the winner of more than fifty global awards including the International World’s Spirits Competition (IWSC) World’s Best Gin, has introduced its newest ‘world-first’ product, Daffy’s Orange Blossom Martini- the official winner of the ‘World’s Best Martini’ Competition. 

Daffy’s Orange Blossom Martini was crowned the ‘World’s Best Martini’ in London’s annual ‘World’s Best Martini’ competition in 2017. It has now for the first time, been bottled in a ‘ready to serve’ format to enjoy at home exactly as it is served in many of the world’ best bars. The ultimate lockdown cocktail!! 

Using Daffy’s pioneering ‘slow-cook’ distillation process, compared to others, this classic style of Martini delivers unparalleled depth of flavour, complexity, finesse and smoothness. Perfectly crafted at a ratio of four parts gin to one part vermouth at the perfect martini ABV of 29%. A super smooth delicious orange note, married with citrus and herbal freshness. 

Each Martini bottle has a recipe swing tag, explaining the background of this special Martini and detailing the perfect serve- poured straight from the bottle into a chilled glass with a twist of orange peel. 

Enjoy Daffy’s official ‘World’s Best Martini’ winner served chilled, straight from the bottle. 


65ml Daffy’s Orange Blossom Martini

One strip of an unwaxed orange peel 


Chill both Daffy’s Martini and a martini glass in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. Pour the chilled Martini directly into the martini glass- that’s it!! 

Pinch a strip of orange peel over the glass to release the oils and then drop in. 


AVAILABLILITY The Martini is now available to purchase from Daffy’s Gin’s website for £23.95 plus postage or you can get the gift-pack complete with two vintage style martini glasses as showcased in James Bond ‘No Time to Die’ for £37.95. 

Coming soon to Harvey Nichols and Sainsbury’s.