April 18, 2021

Not another salted caramel!

Master Chocolatier Iain Burnett, the Highland Chocolatier, is releasing a very different type of caramel to his award-winning, artisan chocolate range.

Inspired by the incredible response from chefs and customers after his Caramel & Liquorice Velvet Truffle won World Gold, Iain Burnett has been working for the last two years to create, not just a common sugary caramel, but a pure caramelized truffle.

His efforts have finally been successful and he is launching two new Caramel Velvet Truffles: a Pure Caramelized Ganache Velvet Truffle and a Sea Salted Caramelized Velvet Truffle.  Iain gives the classic fusion of caramel and chocolate his signature artisan spin, resulting in two completely unique creations.

The Pure Caramelized Velvet Truffle with its uncommonly smooth texture is Iain’s ganache tribute to classic caramel – with creamy notes, evocative of perfectly browned butterscotch.

The Sea Salted Caramel Velvet Truffle introduces an added dimension to the caramelized ganache as it finishes distinctively with small lingering bursts of sea salt.

About his latest work, Iain says: “I really wanted to discover how to caramelize the ganache itself – not just another sugary caramel. I spent so long investigating the science of caramelization and so many old methods.  The breakthrough came by using a fresh cream and unique milk chocolate which both contain natural notes of caramel, then discovering how to caramelize the ganache itself.  From the excited responses I’ve had from testing it on some of the UK’s top chefs, I have a feeling that the salted caramel version is going to be very popular. I’ve found a way to add tiny sea salt crystals to make it ‘pop’ out beautifully.”

Iain is making both Velvet Truffles available in mixed boxes – as unenrobed “naked” edition Velvet Truffles and as enrobed Velvet Truffles.  To try the new Caramel Velvet Truffles, visit Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier in Perthshire or order online from anywhere in the world at www.HighlandChocolatier.com.

Master Chocolatier Iain Burnett, the “Highland Chocolatier” creates his uniquely hand-crafted Velvet Truffles for Michelin Star chefs, VIP gifts, and clients worldwide. His specially designed chocolate kitchen is in Grandtully, between Aberfeldy and Pitlochry, in Highland Perthshire next to his Chocolate Lounge offering guided Chocolate Tastings.  Scotland’s most awarded Chocolatier, his creations are made with an exceptional fresh cream and rare island cocoa.  They have received over 40 national and international awards including twice the Best Truffle in the World.