April 18, 2021

First 100% sweet English cherry juice hits the market

Herefordshire-based specialist ingredients supplier, Pixley Berries, has launched a new range of Pixley Press 100% fruit juices, showcasing new ingredients and blends to hit the market.

The first 100% sweet cherry juice makes up part of the range. “100% sweet English cherry has never existed as a drink until now, usually sour cherry is used in juices,” says Edward Thompson, Pixley Berries Director. “What’s more, the cherries are all grow and juiced in Herefordshire and all of the fruit and vegetables sourced for the range are British, with full traceability from field to bottle.”

Sweet English Cherry is just one of the flavours in the innovative Pixley Press juices, along with ‘Beetroot & Rhubarb’ and ‘Blackberry & Pear’.

“The range has been expertly formulated by our taste team and is a real celebration of our abundant British harvest,” adds Edward.

Each juice is made up of 100% ‘Not From Concentrate’ (NFC) fruit juice with nothing else added. According to the company, the juices have been created to meet the demand for sustainable, traceable, British ‘grown-up’ drinks and have no sugar added.

“The Beetroot & Rhubarb combination is naturally low in sugar and all of the drinks count as one of your five a day,” adds Edward.

Pixley Berries prides itself on sourcing high-quality fruit and never compromises on flavour. As well as its own ranges of cordials and juices, the business produces premium ranges of NFC juices, puree’s and concentrates, and supplies some of the leading supermarkets and juice manufacturers with its products.

The new Pixley Press juices come in 250ml glass bottles and will be available in fine food shops and delis listed on the website and are available to buy online at www.pixleyberries.co.uk, retailing at £3.00 each.