June 25, 2024

Logisthicks – Rapid expansion

Despite having only been created in June 2013, Cornwall-based Logisthicks has already made a tremendous amount of progress in the past two years or so, as owner and founder, Gavin Hicks, recently explained to FMCG magazine.

“When I set up Logisthicks I was working solely for a local butcher in my hometown of Launceston transporting chilled meat into Central London with just a single refrigerated Mercedes Benz Sprinter,” says Hicks. “Since then work has really snowballed as there’s a huge number of small Cornish food producers requiring small item deliveries into Central London. We’ve continually invested in the business to support the level of growth that we’ve been seeing. We now have a fleet of five vehicles, have six employees and have just taken on a 2,000 sq ft unit, just off the A30 in Launceston, that includes chilled storage facilities.”

Gavin Hicks, Owner
Gavin Hicks, Owner

Even with the growing list of opportunities that have come Logisthicks’ way, the company has only been able to capitalise on them thanks to the high standards that Gavin has instilled into the business from Day One. “I strive to ensure that service and presentation are of the highest quality so our vans are cleaned every day and our drivers are always well turned out,” adds Hicks. “You’re only as good as your last delivery and we have to be the best with what we’re doing all the time, every time. When you’re delivering to Michelin-star chefs you don’t get a second chance if there’s a problem.”

This quality-led approach has obviously paid dividends with the rapid growth that Logisthicks has seen but there have also been some hurdles to contend with along the way. “The biggest challenge has been judging just how far we can take things and gauging the volume of work we can comfortably cope with, whilst at the same time delivering a strong level of service and balancing cash flow. This has been key as we didn’t want to risk compromising the reputation that we’ve built up so far.”

By ensuring that it hasn’t become a victim of its own success and gradually building up its infrastructure Logisthicks is now in a prime position to maintain its momentum by moving into other sectors.

“Looking ahead we’re striving to achieve more volume within the south-west and create a chilled groupage collection and delivery service as there’s a definite demand for such an offering,” concludes Hicks. “We’re also exploring opportunities within the pharmaceutical sector as this is an area that we feel holds a great deal of potential for us. We’ve got a tremendous amount of flexibility thanks to the investment that we’ve made in our fleet, which now enables us to offer both chilled, frozen and ambient delivery solutions.

“Our capabilities mean that we can sit down with each prospective customer to work out their specific needs in order to meet them. Every customer is different so has unique requirements and we’re committed to tailoring our offering to suit on a 24/7 basis.”

Having hit the ground running so impressively, Logisthicks can look forward to 2016 with confidence as it looks to continue the success it has enjoyed in the past two years.