September 28, 2021

Leveraging the power of choice with no added sugar instant porridge positioning

Mornflake has unveiled a new No Added Sugar variant as part of its innovative Mornflake Top Porridge Instant Pots range. The latest addition consists of a simple base, with no added sugar, offering consumers the option to enjoy it either on its own or with toppings of their own choice.

The No Added Sugar variant follows the launch of the Mornflake Top Porridge Pot range last year, featuring separate servings of either Lyles Golden Syrup or Nutella within the lid of the pot.

Marketing Manager, Richard Jones, said: “Mornflake No Added Sugar Top Porridge is well placed to meet the increasing demand for more natural reduced/no added sugar options in the cereal category – especially in single-serve convenience formats where breakfast choices for time-poor consumers are often more limited.

“As the sugar debate continues, the market is responding with NPD that highlights diet, portion control and compromise on taste via artificial ingredients, but we believe that offering consumer natural choice and freedom into this segment presents major opportunities.

“Mornflake No Added Sugar Top Porridge is positioned as a deliciously simple and natural instant porridge, opening up endless choices for individual, personalised toppings and additions.

“In-home porridge consumption trends show that many of us prefer to control our sweet fixes with our own choices of natural toppings, such as fresh fruit, honey or maple syrup – we are simply expanding this principle into single-serve/convenience usage.”