May 6, 2021

Brand new look unveiled by Hampshire Cheese Company

Artisan cheese business, Hampshire Cheese Company, has unveiled a brand new look for its Tunworth and Winslade cheeses to bring the brand more up to date.

The new, modern look is designed to give the brand greater appeal to a wider audience, as well as to increase brand recognition.

The new branding replaces the former heavy and dark logos, giving the Tunworth – a British Camembert – and the Winslade – a Vacherin/Camembert cross – a lighter, softer and greener image.

While the branding has been altered, Hampshire Cheese Company’s aims and ethos remain the same: to produce the best soft cheeses in the UK and to reach new audiences without losing the handmade artisan production methods that make its cheeses stand out.

On the redeveloped branding, Stacey Hedges, founder says: “My team really enjoy producing something that people love eating and they are very proud of what we do. We have developed our business over the last 16 years and have a hugely talented team of cheesemakers. I’m proud to unveil our new and more modern look, which we hope will increase our brand recognition and open up the Hampshire Cheese Company to new audiences across the UK.”

Hampshire Cheese Company was founded by Stacey in 2005, who worked part-time as a cheesemonger while studying at university in her home city of Sydney, Australia. After working in restaurants and catering after graduating, she found herself in a career as a food stylist for Vogue Australia.

Stacey moved to London in 1987 where she worked for high-end catering companies across the city, before moving to Hampshire in 1997 with two young children – and with a third arriving in 2000. It was in 2002 that she began to play around with cheesemaking, taking several courses before officially launching Hampshire Cheese Company in 2005.

Beginning with just a small personal investment from Stacey and a DEFRA grant, Hampshire Cheese Company was initially supported by Neals Yard Dairy, which offered a great deal of support in maturing and selling the first batches of premium cheese. 16 years later it remains the brand’s biggest customer. The business began to boom in 2006 when its Tunworth was awarded the Supreme Champion Cheese at the British Cheese Awards – a rare feat for such a new cheesemaker, and the first of many awards over the years.

The Tunworth – a soft, white-rinded cheese with an earthy fragrance and a nutlike and sweet flavour – has been praised by top chefs over the years. Simon Rogan, who holds two Michelin stars at L’Enclume restaurant in Cumbria, says: “Tunworth is a staple ingredient in my kitchen. For me it showcases how far we have come in this country as producers of cheese, and it’s important to me to champion the best of British like this.”

In 2013, Hampshire Cheese Company launched its Winslade: a second soft, mould-ripened cheese based on a Vacherin Mont D’Or recipe. With its soft and spoonable texture and its rich and buttery flavour, the Winslade has also won a whole host of awards – including Best New Cheese at the British Cheese Awards in the year it was launched.