June 25, 2024

To kick off British Sugar Awareness Week Splenda® launched a giant sugar pyramid in St Paul’s to challenge consumers to quit sugar

On Monday 12th November, SPLENDA®, the iconic low-calorie sweetener brand, took over the St Paul’s district in central London with a giant sugar pyramid to symbolise the 5,215 sugar cubes adults in the UK are, on average, consuming every year. This is nearly twice the maximum recommended sugar consumption for adults. SPLENDA® set up shop for one day to encourage Londoners to quit sugar and try out samples of SPLENDA®’s sugar alternative products. Visible to 24,000 consumers, the sugar pyramid was unmissable to pedestrians, with over 9,000 visiting throughout the day. Consumers who engaged with the SPLENDA® team on-site had the opportunity to discuss obesity issues in the UK and were encouraged to explore different alternatives to sugar by taking home samples of SPLENDA® Sweet Mini.

London lifestyle influencers Rachael @luxefamily5and Kerri @life_with_ivycoco joined the SPLENDA® team on-site to inspire their Instagram communities and Londoners to undertake the #NoSugarChallenge and change their habits. “Over sugar consumption is a growing issue in the UK and it was important to me to join the initiative and raise awareness across my channels,” comments Rachael.