October 25, 2021

The Really Good Whisky Company help to make it a ‘cracker’ of a Christmas

We’re rapidly approaching that time of year where we get together around the table to celebrate Christmas with good food, luxury chocolates and, of course, not forgetting the crackers with their obligatory naff jokes. This year, why not try The Really Good Whisky Company’s unique Whisky and Gin Christmas crackers. They promise to be ‘really good’.

What’s more, The Really Good Whisky Company have gone one further this year and it’s the news you’ve been waiting for – their very own, shiny, brand new Whisky Advent Calendar is right here and ready to order to ship to anywhere in the world.

For each day, a new dram has been specially chosen to give a maximum workout to your taste buds and send you on a build up to Christmas on a whisky tasting frenzy! 24 x 25ml glass bottles of good quality and interesting whiskies, hidden behind numbered closed doors, complete with tasting notes for each. Although we don’t want to ruin the surprise, if you want a full list of what’s included, click here.

The Really Good Whisky Company was born with a passion for whisky and a private collection. It has scoured the world to be able to bring to you the finest and most unique collection of Whiskies that you’ll find ANYWHERE!

Based in London, it is The Really Good Whisky Company’s pleasure to source and send whiskies to anywhere in the world. It ships to America, Africa, Asia, Europe – if your government allows it, then it is happy to do it. All of its products are wrapped and packed with exceptional care, is fully insured and will reach you in a timely and safe manner.

All of our Christmas products are available here reallygoodwhisky.com/all-our-whisky/whisky-gifts/.