September 19, 2021

The perfect summer serve…Magners launch Rosé cans

The UK’s leading apple cider brand, Magners, has announced the arrival of Magners Rosé cans, available online and in store at Tesco. Set to be a picnic favourite, the light blush apple cider has been canned for extra convenience, making it even easier to pick up a pack for staycations and camping trips.

Crafted from the finest blend of 17 apple varieties selected from orchards in Clonmel, Tipperary, Magners Rosé is made with apples from the same orchard as the Original recipe but uses sweeter apples to create a refreshing ‘pink drink’ twist on the classic. The result is a juicy apple cider that delivers the same crisp refreshment that Magners is famous for.

Godelieve Crawford, Senior Brand Manager for Magners, said: “The rise in popularity of the RTD market has led to customers enjoying the convenience of canned drinks. A complementary serve for any summer occasion, the arrival of Magners Rosé cans provides an even more convenient way to enjoy our expertly crafted cider while out and about without compromising on taste or quality.

“The statement blush pink can offers a lightweight alternative to Magners Rosé glass bottles enjoyed in bars across the country; ideal to take with you for memorable summer adventures, get-togethers, and weekends in the sunshine with friends.”

Available now in Tesco stores nationwide and to order online at, £5 for a pack of four, Magners Rosé is best served chilled or over ice.

The launch of Magners Rose cans coincides with Magners ‘When Time Bears Fruit’ campaign, celebrating the renowned refreshment and its dedication to craft over time. This Summer, on pack promotions provide customers with the chance to win a number of goodies, from luxury staycations to thousands of home improvement prizes.

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