June 25, 2024

Ramsbury release Raspberry & Wildflower Honey Gin

Ramsbury Distillery has announced that, due to popular demand, its Raspberry & Wildflower Honey Gin will become a permanent addition to its portfolio. Currently produced seasonally and in limited quantities, the team has worked tirelessly to ensure ongoing, sustainable access to the finest local ingredients needed to produce this expression, a favourite amongst gin-lovers.  

Its premium gin begins with winter wheat cultivated on the idyllic and picturesque Ramsbury Estate in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside. Distilled into its award-winning Ramsbury Vodka and infused with fresh botanicals, including juniper and quince, to create its Ramsbury London Dry Gin. Blended with fresh raspberry juice, the flavour is enhanced with honey, made by its own bees who collect nectar from the beautiful wildflower meadows of the Ramsbury Estate. The resulting liquid is a harmonious celebration of classic British flavours. Each Ramsbury bottle upholds its commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices throughout their production, from their innovative reed bed water purification system to their spirit bottles partially made from recycled glass. 

The Raspberry & Wildflower Honey Gin delivers a mature yet vibrant flavour with a touch of sweetness and a tart, juicy finish. The wildflower honey contributes a delicate earthy sweetness that cuts through the tart notes from the fruit, complementing each other and creating a rounded palate that offers a mature alternative to flavoured gins.