September 19, 2021

Polystar Plastics reuse plastic waste to create next generation polythene

Following the Government’s announcement that it intends to introduce a new, higher tax on plastic packaging that contains less than 30% recycled content, Southampton-based Polystar Plastics has launched a new and exclusive Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) material, PCWflex™. 

As a credited re-processor of Post-Consumer Waste, with contracts already in place with some of the country’s leading supermarkets, the development of this new low-gauge, high-strength, high-clarity film delivers a reduced carbon footprint which supports customer’s environmental goals as well as meeting legislative targets on recycled content. 

PCWflex™ films incorporate UK sourced Post-Consumer Waste (PCW). The recycled polymer is used to create the middle layers of a co-extruded film structure. By using recipes that contain varying amounts of the recycled polymer, PCWflex™ technology delivers the same robust performance, optical clarity and line efficiency as virgin grade PE and can be applied across much of Polystar’s product range. 

PCWflex™ films are 100% recyclable and are a positive push forward in the reduction of single use plastics. Non-shrink films start at 30% but can contain up to 100% PCW polymers and shrink film recipes can include an impressive 50% PCW polymers without losing any functionality. 

Commenting on the innovation, Suchin Talwar, Polystar’s Commercial Director, said: ”Our PCWflex™ films are some of the greenest products on the market. The development of this new material has been driven by customers who are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and future tax liabilities.

“These materials significantly reduce the requirement for virgin grade PE. The closed-loop manufacturing process, of recycling and reusing Post-Consumer Waste, eliminates the issue of single use packaging and dramatically reduces the amount of plastic going to landfill, filling our oceans, and polluting the environment.”