July 29, 2021

Paper straws rolled out across Wimpy restaurants

Since the turn of the year Wimpy UK has replaced plastic straws across all its restaurants with bio-degradable paper straws. The move reinforces the company’s commitment to reducing non-recyclable waste throughout its estate.

Chris Woolfenden, general manager of Wimpy UK, said: “We’re making good on the promise we made in 2018 to source a sustainable and suitable alternative to plastic straws. We are delighted to have come up with a solution which we believe will go down extremely well with customers and adds a big tick to our sustainability goals.”

The brightly-coloured red and white paper straws are made from FSC managed forests and are 100% bio-degradable. They can be composted – breaking down within four to six weeks – and can also be disposed of as food waste.

Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, the straws come in two sizes, a larger one for thick shakes and a normal size for soft or sparkling drinks.

Technical details:

  • 100% compostable credentials;
  • The straws are made from a special blend of bamboo and wood pulp, giving the paper the best liquid resistance;
  • No plastic lamination is used inside or outside the straws;
  • Each straw has a six hour use time when totally submerged;
  • The ink is made from soy based, food safe, natural and toxin free colourings;
  • The glue used in the three ply construction of the straws is a 100% natural, food safe, plant-based glue, which has been specially developed to be safely compostable at the same rate as the straws.

In summer 2018, Wimpy also introduced 100% recyclable menus made from a new biodegradable laminate and, says Mr Woolfenden, the company is continually looking for new opportunities to add to its sustainability credentials.