September 19, 2021

Lobster launches the latest TV campaign for Pinter™, a world-first innovation that allows you to make fresh beer from home

Lobster have created the latest TV advert for the Pinter, a world-first innovation that allows you to make ten pints of brewery fresh beer that’s affordable, sustainable and tastes incredible – all from the comfort of your own home.

Pinter is what happens when you take centuries-old beer brewing and perfect it with precision-engineered technology. This innovative reimagining of the traditional keg needed a campaign that matched its boldness and elegance, whilst also embracing the fact that it’s going to be the centre of the party. 

With a world of fresh beer now at your fingertips, Lobster created a concept that embraced the dynamism and flexibility of the Pinter – that whatever the occasion, whatever the beer, this is a catalyst for a good time. Using the iconic design of the Pinter and the brand’s strong identity, they jet forward through vibrant worlds, each playfully depicting different social scenarios and possibilities while remaining focused on the hero product – the Pinter. 

The work can be viewed here:

Simon McDowell, Senior Creative Producer at Lobster, said: “This is a bold, bright, banging product disrupting the entire booze market with better, fresher beer to be enjoyed together – Pinter needed a punchy 30” TV spot to say exactly that.  It’s been a real collaborative team effort this one and we’re chuffed with the outcome.” 

Simon Mawbey, Head of Brand & Marketing at Pinter, added: “Lobster worked really hard to realise the vision of placing the Pinter at the centre of those key moments enjoying incredible Fresh Beer together.  The outcome is fresh, impactful and full of energy. We can’t wait to see it out there.”

The ad campaign will be running on TV for a year, along with online and social content.