September 19, 2021

Leading 3PL provider calls on industry to inspire next generation of recruits

Industry leading 3PL provider, Carlton Forest 3PL, which has enjoyed considerable growth in recent months, is calling on the wider industry to inspire the next generation of industry professionals in a direct response to a shortage of staff across the sector.

The senior team at Carlton Forest 3PL, which has sites across North Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire totalling over 1m sq ft of warehouse space, has successfully recruited a number of staff in recent months to facilitate its rapid growth. It does, however, recognise the wider issues experienced in the industry, as detailed in the sixth and latest Skills and Logistics Report from Logistics UK for 2020, where it was discovered that vacancies in the industry are 75% above their average as of October 2020.

(Credit): Shaun Flannery/

“Over the last 18 months the logistics and supply chain sectors have grown beyond anyone’s predictions, and it has highlighted the challenges we face when recruiting staff across a wide variety of roles,” said Adam Jones, Managing Director, Carlton Forest 3Pl. “It is our responsibility, and that of our peers, as significant operators within the industry to highlight the many positives associated with a career in logistics, warehousing and supply chain and to demonstrate the variety of ways in which careers can be established from learning on the job, apprenticeships and training contracts, right through to university degrees in supply chain management.”

With such a shortage, a skills gap in staff trained to do higher skilled roles and recruitment issues, there is little wonder that the industry is hoping to level up the accessibility of training through things like proposed grants for HGV driver training, and the encouragement of the use of apprenticeships.

Lisa Tomlinson, who was recently appointed as Head of Operations at Carlton Forest 3PL, commented: “Logistics is a great industry to think about as a career. It is growing rapidly and there is a skills shortage in some areas, which means the opportunities to begin you career or climb the career ladder are plentiful. It will never be a 9-5 job but equally, every day is different with problem solving unique challenges, which I find very rewarding. If you work hard and have a great mentor, you can enjoy a career for life in the industry.”

Adam Jones concluded: “Many of our team at Carlton Forest 3PL have enjoyed all their careers in logistics and supply chain with some working their way up and others gaining higher level qualifications first. The benefits of hands-on experience are not to be underestimated in an industry like this and we look forward to ongoing recruitment to develop industry professionals for the future across a variety of roles.

“As an industry we must drive forward the desire to ensure that training is affordable and accessible for individuals and businesses, and that the industry actively encourages young people to appreciate the opportunities available to them for a career in logistics.”

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