December 3, 2023

Introducing Highland Park’s The Dark – ‘a whisky for reflection’

Highland Park has announced the launch of its latest special edition, The Dark.

A 17-year-old single malt Scotch whisky, The Dark has been exclusively matured in European oak sherry seasoned casks, delivering a distinctly deep flavour packed with dried fruits, nuts and spices overlaid with hints of smoky peat.

Available now, The Dark is inspired by the autumn and winter seasons on Orkney. A time to escape from the wild weather outside, friends and family can seek refuge indoors and enjoy each other’s company over a dram or two. Available from The Whisky Shop and The Whisky Exchange, The Dark has an RSP of £190.

Jason R. Craig, Brand Director, Highland Park, commented: “The Dark is the first of two special editions – The Light will be launched in spring 2018. Both editions share the story of the contrasting seasons of our Orkney islands and the resulting intense balance of Highland Park whisky.”

The Dark is presented in jet black bespoke glass; the serpent dragon embossed on the front takes its inspiration from Viking stories.  The Dark and The Light are written in runic writing on the serpent dragon’s tail emboss itself and on the oak cradle – celebrating the island’s Viking ancestry.

The back of the glass bottle has ‘Made with Pride on Orkney’ embossed – a genuine heart-felt tribute to the men and women who create Highland Park single malt. 

The oak cradle has two circles etched on the top and bottom to represent both the high sun of the summer solstice and the low sun of the winter solstice. They in turn embody the intense balance of the contrasting seasons and their influence on Highland Park whisky.  The booklet which accompanies this special edition describes the thinking behind this latest special edition.

Highland Park’s award-winning whiskies deliver an intensely balanced flavour of smoky sweetness that is the product of Orkney’s climate and craftsmanship. The climate is mild, reaching highs of only 16 degrees centigrade in summer and lows of around two degrees centigrade in winter. The wild winds that assault the island creates a landscape in which few trees survive and this, in turn, creates the aromatic peat – woodless but rich in heather, which when used to dry out malt, gives Highland Park whisky its distinctive flavour.

Available now at The Whisky Exchange and The Whisky Shop. RSP £190.

Tasting notes:

Natural Cask Driven Colour (no additives): Deep russet (colour tint 24.1)

Flavours:  Dried fruits | Cinnamon | Toasted almonds | Cedar wood | Fruitcake | Light peat smoke