September 28, 2021

Hotel STARLINO expands its range with the launch of Elderflower Aperitivo

Fine wine and spirits company Biggar and Leith has launched a new addition to the Hotel STARLINO range of Vermouth and Aperitivos, STARLINO Elderflower. Made with an infusion of elderflower, citrus peel, herbs and spices, combined with wine and spirit, it makes Hotel STARLINO’s most refreshing Aperitivo yet. 

STARLINO Elderflower is uniquely fresh, fruity, green and slightly floral with pear, lychee and tropical nuances. Delicious and all natural, Hotel STARLINO Elderflower is balanced in flavour with notes of pear, lychee and hints of soft sweetness from elderflowers, elderberries and tangy citrus. STARLINO Elderflower uses naturally grown elderflower, or ‘Fiori di Sambuca’ in Italian, from the Alpine hedgerows and makes a low ABV drink, mixed with tonic or soda, with which to enjoy the summer sunshine.

Elwyn Gladstone, Founder of Biggar and Leith, says: “We are really excited to launch the latest expression in the Hotel STARLINO range. We have been really pleased with the reception of STARLINO Orange, Rosé and Rosso Vermouth and Aperitivos and we are looking forward to continuing the Summer of the spritz with our new Elderflower Aperitivo.”

STARLINO Vermouths hail from the Vergnano family’s Torino Distillati, in Piedmonte, North-Eastern Italy. Beppe Ronco, Master Distiller and Winemaker at Torino Distillati, said: “Torino is the birth-place of Vermouth and here at Torino Distillati we’ve been making them for around 100 years. We are seeing a huge resurgence of interest in Vermouths and Aperitivos and wanted to create something new, fresh and delicious to bring this forgotten but wonderful category back to life. Vermouths and Aperitivos are showing signs of being the next big thing.” 

The beautiful new Hotel STARLINO Elderflower Aperitivo is presented in a frosted, heavily embossed bottle, featuring details from Hotel STARLINO, such as an elevator door indicator, room numbers and lobby bells. The packaging for the Hotel STARLINO Vermouths and Aperitivos is inspired by and celebrates Italy’s incredible turn of the 20th Century design and architecture. This design style, known in Italy as Stile Liberty, is famous in Torino. Besides, as Ronco said, “We have so many friends and visitors to our distillery we sometimes refer to it as a hotel!” 

The Hotel STARLINO distillery also forms part of the inspiration for the STARLINO bottles, from its dramatic staircase to its beautiful view of the Monsivo mountain, it is a piece of Italian history. The bottles are finished with ceramic and wooden stoppers, reminiscent of an antique doorknob.