July 29, 2021

Fentimans commits to eliminating single use plastic

Fentimans, the maker of premium botanically brewed beverages, has announced that it is committed to eliminating single use and non-recyclable plastic from core business operations.

With recent studies projecting that in just 30 years, oceans could have more plastic by weight than fish, Fentimans as a progressive and responsible business, are set to act and adopt the guidelines set out by WRAP in the collaborative UK Plastics Pact.

Commenting on Fentimans pledge to eliminate single use and non-recyclable plastics, Andrew Jackson, Fentimans Marketing Director, said: “As a manufacturer who has swam against the tide of conformity, adopting glass bottles for our drinks when the world turned to PET; we are delighted to announce that we are committed to removing single use plastic from our business. We know that this is an issue that our customers, consumers and employees are passionate about; and we are determined to make a positive difference in supporting innovative alternatives.”

In a year that has seen the brand overhaul its image with a rebrand costing £1.2m, supported with innovative marketing activity, this sustainability initiative will start to play a small, but significant role in preserving all that is good about our planet.