May 6, 2021

Ember reports 50% improvement on forecasted sales with new sustainable meat snack range exclusive to Sainsbury’s

In January this year, Ember, best known for its award-winning Biltong, announced the launch of three new British charcuterie products: Cracked Black Pepper Steak Slices, Smoked Paprika Lean Pork Salami and Wild Venison Slices. With a focus on provenance, taste and nutritional value, the meat snacks arrived on Sainsbury’s shelves priced at £2.90, on 2nd January. 

“This range is a first in the category for consumers to be able to make a healthier, more sustainable choice in on-the-go meat snacking across a range of different proteins,” says Harry Mayhew, founder of Ember.

A month on, Ember reports that the range is performing 50% ahead of the original forecasts and bringing in incrementality to the category by attracting a new adult shopper to the fixture. Customer insights show that there is an increasing demand for nutritious, high-protein, low-sugar, energy boosting snacks. 

“We are seeing especially strong performance from our Wild Venison Slices, as customers look for more sustainable meat options,” adds Jack Mayhew, founder of Ember. “Venison is also an excellent lean meat that is rich in vitamins and iron, so a great way to get natural protein, and unlike many healthy snacks it still delivers on taste.”