September 27, 2021

Effectiveat™ unveils innovative vegan, high protein, gluten-free savoury snack bars

Following on from the success of its high-performance sweet crunchy snack bars, EffectivEat™ has developed an innovative new savoury alternative.

Aimed at customers who are looking for a healthier substitute to sugar-packed sweet-tasting snacks, each 21g Savoury Bar contains less than 100 calories and is suitable for almost any diet or requirement.

At a time when we’re more conscious than ever about the impact of what we put in our bodies, the Savoury Bar contains essential nutrients, protein and dietary fibre – and nothing more. Made from high quality natural ingredients, including 100% grains, legumes, vegetables and seeds.

The plant-based high-protein nature of the bars makes them an ideal fast meal replacement option that keeps consumers fuller for longer. As well as being a healthy snack option for on-the-go, the Savoury Bar also pairs well with cheese and salad as part of a meal.        

The Savoury snack bar is available in a variety of enticing flavours –Rosemary, Falafel, Oregano, Onion & Garlic, Pizza and Spicy Delight – with other options available on request.

The snack bars are free from preservative and food colours, contain no wheat or sugar, and are suitable for vegans. A gluten free option is available.

EffectivEat™ develops and designs own brand snack bars and formulations for private labels.

For more information please contact:

Hadas Weizman

[email protected]

UK: +44.208.0895091