April 21, 2021

Baby food brand in bid to help families in need access food

In an effort to ease the current pressure on its supermarket retailers and help people to stay indoors amid the Coronavirus pandemic, organic baby food brand Piccolo has opened a temporary online store which will help parents to access nutritious food and formula milk for their families, directly to their doors. With every order, Piccolo will be donating five baby meals to food banks to help vulnerable children in this time of need.

Parents will be able to purchase one month’s supply of Piccolo’s baby meal pouches, pastas and cooking sauces, as well as its range of organic formula milks.

Piccolo is donating five meals to a foodbank for every bundle of food or milk ordered from the website. It will do so in partnership with City Harvest, which supports more than 60 community organisations that play an integral role in improving the lives of London’s most vulnerable children. The charity is currently on the frontline of the COVID-19 emergency helping families in crisis in the capital.

Piccolo’s founder and former CEO of Slow Food UK, Cat Gazzoli, said: “As a mum myself who has just welcomed a second child into the world, I can connect with the worry some parents are feeling at the moment as they try to get hold of the things they need to look after their families. I hope by offering access to our products directly this will go a small way to help, and we are absolutely committed to helping City Harvest reach more families in need with nutritious food in the capital.”

Piccolo’s products are made from high quality organic fruit and vegetables, with no added salt or sugar. They are nutritionist approved and with a long shelf life, will stay fresh in the cupboard for months. All orders will be delivered for free directly to customers’ doors.

Piccolo’s online store has now launched here.