October 25, 2021

alacalc.co.uk – The leading professional web-based nutrition calculator


a la calc is the UK’s leading professional online nutrition analysis tool for your recipes. It calculates 55 different nutrients, vitamins and macronutrients, Reference Intake (GDAs), QUID, and allergen information! Get results quickly and easily for product prototyping, retail food labelling, menu printing or further analysis.

a la calc is accessible from anywhere. Create, access and share any of your recipes from a PC, laptop or tablet connected to the internet.

Search thousands of ingredients from industry standard databases using our refined search facility or build your own set of ingredients and sub-recipes. a la calc also allows full adjustment of your recipes to your total satisfaction. Also included is a recipe cost calculator and recipe optimiser for fine tuning your recipes according to nutritional targets.

Start by signing in for a free fully functional trial. No download installation is required. And when you’re ready, we offer flexible pay-per-use and subscription plans for unlimited number of recipes.


alacalc.co.uk is a product of Red Hot Rails LLP, Unit 9, Middle Bank, Doncaster, DN4 5JJ

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