July 24, 2024

UK’s leading milk drink launches first-ever fusion flavours in Tesco

The UK’s leading nutritionally enriched milk drink* is introducing two innovative fusion flavours, set to be available in Tesco stores nationwide from July 8th. Nurishment, which is currently available in four original flavours of strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and banana, is taking inspiration from popular food and drink trends and is bringing out two new fusion flavours: blueberry swirl and hazelnut swirl.

Blueberry Swirl flavour fusion is a blend of a creamy milk drink with the taste of a freshly baked blueberry dessert. Its smooth texture and fruity aroma make it an irresistible treat.

The indulgent Hazelnut Swirl flavour fusion is a combination of nutty hazelnut, smooth chocolate and the rich creaminess of milk creaminess.

Nurishment has been a popular nutritious, pick-me-up-drink in the UK for more than 40 years. The milk drinks are a good source of protein and calcium, contain 13 vitamins and minerals and stand out on the shelf due to its iconic can.

Speaking about the launch of the new flavours, Dorota Dziedzic, Brand Manager for Nurishment, said: “Our original flavours have been the backbone of the Nurishment brand for more than 40 years, and have maintained their popularity throughout these four decades, making Nurishment the UK’s most popular nutritionally enriched milk drink.

“The two new flavour fusions that we launched last year, hazelnut and coffee, inspired the team at Nurishment to add to the original can range, and following a poll of Nurishment fans, blueberry swirl and hazelnut swirl proved very popular.

“The swirl effect comes from the combination of the different flavours to make the fusion to create these unique, creamy flavours of blueberry swirl and hazelnut swirl.

“And we are over the moon that the UK’s biggest supermarket group, Tesco, will be stocking hazelnut swirl and blueberry swirl flavour fusions alongside its four original flavours. These new drinks will be packed full of flavour and will be the perfect pick-me-up drink for the afternoon or great for gym-goers to enjoy before their workout.”

Nurishment Original hazelnut swirl and blueberry swirl will be available in Tesco stores across the UK from 8 July with an RRP of £1.55 for this product.