September 27, 2021

Source Labels reveals amazing two-sided story

Until today (21 July), label printing had been so one-sided. That all changed with Source Label’s announcement of its deal to adopt Utroque’s truly revolutionary double-sided labeling system.

This amazing new technology creates a landmark moment in label printing history, with the product set to take the packaging market by storm.

But why all the fuss and fanfare? A quick look at the benefits of Utroque will show there’s good reason for real excitement. That’s because instead of the traditional method of delivering labels on just one side of the release liner, Utroque uses both sides.

This immediately reduces liner stock by a huge 50 per cent. Plus the Utroque system typically delivers 40 per cent weight savings and up to a 25 per cent cut in unit costs. Impressive stuff.

So is this the eco-friendly, sustainable solution that the packaging industry has been looking for to set it up for success in the 21st Century? Tim Lowe, MD of Source Labels certainly thinks so, hailing Utroque as: ‘a wondrous invention and innovation with benefits that are really compelling’.

The new system has the added advantage of being able to work with existing labeling lines.

It’s hard to see how packaging professionals can resist a new innovation that ticks all the boxes when it comes to being environmentally friendly, cost-effective and easy to adopt.

With no huge cash outlay required to start using Utroque, and no disruption to productivity, surely it’s only a matter of time before many others follow Source Label’s lead and adopt a system that saves both time and money, and adds an extra dimension to their current one-sided label printing processes.