September 27, 2021

RAP reduces plastics by 85 per cent with newly developed Modified Atmosphere Carton Food Tray

RAP, a manufacturer of food-to-go packaging, has developed the Modified Atmosphere (MA) RapTray, which offers an alternative to full plastic trays and reduces plastic use by 85 per cent.

In addition, it’s the world’s first hermetically sealed carton food tray which means it removes virtually all oxygen from inside the tray, extending product shelf life and maintaining food freshness.

The MA RapTray was designed for Dalehead Foods and the packaging is being used in Waitrose stores. It is suitable for a wide range of chilled meals, salads and fruit salads, and it’s constructed from lightweight board and laminate film, making it 20 per cent lighter than standard equivalents.

Dalehead Foods, based in Corsham, Wiltshire, is a division of Tulip Ltd, one of the largest meat processors in the UK. Dalehead operates five sites across the UK and supplies Waitrose with more than 400 meat products including bacon, sausage and lamb.

The company is using RAP’s MA RapTray for its “Free Range Pantry” collection that features its Honey & Mustard Roasted free range Turkey; its Rosemary, Garlic & Lemon free range Turkey; and its Butter Roasted free range Turkey.

Graham Williams, CEO at RAP, said: “Our partnership with Dalehead Foods has enabled us to make a huge impact in the food packaging industry by introducing the sector’s first hermetically sealed carton food tray.

“And, we’re helping to make a positive difference with the MA RapTray, it directly responds to the global plastic pollution issue as it reduces plastic use by up to 85 per cent.”

Julian Money, founder of RAP, added: “At RAP, we’re committed to this movement, and we’re working to remove all avoidable plastics in our packaging, wherever possible.

“We see this as something that will make a huge and positive impact for our environment and future generations, and look forward to developing more plastic alternatives for the packaging industry.”

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