April 18, 2021

Hatter’s Hemp Tea launches new range of CBD-infused flavours to help reduce isolation anxiety

Hatter’s Hemp Tea has launched a brand new range of CBD-infused tea in an effort to help curb Britain’s appetite for a cuppa, while also bringing the anxiety and stress reducing benefits of hemp to the nation. Hatter’s hemp-infused tea is available in four classic flavours; English Breakfast, Green, Lemongrass & Rosehip Boost and Chamomile; and includes the benefits of CBD from the 50% hemp makeup of the teabag.

Hatter’s launch of all four hemp-infused flavours comes after a hugely successful soft launch period of their vegan friendly tea, which became the fastest-selling tea ever in Holland & Barrett following its sale of over 25,000 boxes since the beginning of March. Every flavour of Hatter’s Hemp Tea is now available in-store and online.

Hatter’s hemp-infused tea aims to offer the myriad benefits of CBD in a great-tasting tea that can be enjoyed alone, or as part of one’s CBD routine, to help with sleep issues, anxiety and allergies in a holistic, medication-free manner. In recent times, CBD has made its way from the fringes to the mainstream, as more medical studies are suggesting its potency in alleviating anxiety, insomnia, skin problems, inflammation and allergies to name a few.

Simon Manthorpe, CEO and Founder of Hatter’s Hemp Tea, comments on the launch: “Britain is a nation of tea lovers and with Hatter’s Hemp Tea, we are committed to providing everyone in the UK with a range of great tasting teas with the added benefits of CBD. Given the circumstances surrounding coronavirus, we believe that now is a great time to launch our hemp tea to help a nation of tea drinkers reduce their anxiety and enjoy some relaxation.

“Through a long process of product development and working with some of the finest specialists in their field we crafted a range of flavours that balance well with the naturally earthy notes of hemp. This means that the delicate flavours of Chamomile for example, have not been lost. In addition, across the four flavours on offer, no added flavouring has been added, but each flavour contains 50% hemp so you will still enjoy those natural hemp notes.

“The tea market in the UK and worldwide has grown exponentially over the last five years and with the CBD and holistic remedy markets also growing, it was the ideal time for us to introduce this new range. With the rise of detox, juice, and herbal influenced drinks on the market, Britain’s most loved hot beverage has to undergo an evolution. With these four new flavours from Hatter’s, we are at the forefront of the tea revolution!”