October 25, 2021

Halo Foods launches Harvest Cheweee Fruit & Oat Bites

2015 ‘Kids Snack’ Product of the Year award winner* Harvest Cheweee is expanding its cereal bar range with the launch of Fruit & Oat Bites, a healthier fruit-based snack created to keep on-the-go-children fuller for longer.

Developed to address a current lack of tasty, healthier, on-the-go snacking options within the children’s snacking sector, Harvest Cheweee is confident the introduction will serve to drive growth in the children’s segment of the Cereal Bar category, which is currently worth £60.3m.

Available in three flavours* – Bananatastic, Very Berry, and Cocoalicious – the Fruit & Oat Bites are made from 100 per cent natural ingredients, of which 80 per cent is fruit, and are high in fibre due to the inclusion of slow-release energy-giving oats.

Recent qualitative consumer research found that both parents and children loved the flavour, shape, smell and most importantly the taste of the product.

Jodie Cavaye, Harvest Cheweee Brand Marketing Manager, said: “Our shopper research shows that while existing fruit snacks are popular with consumers, they don’t address all of the key drivers around snacking, one of which is satiety. There is a real opportunity for healthier, high in fibre snacks within the children’s snacking sector and the launch of Fruit & Oat Bites taps into this area, bridging the gap between fruit snacks and cereal bars.

“With a quarter of UK households now ‘Free From’, of which 18 per cent are Gluten Free**, Harvest Cheweee’s Fruit & Oat bites have been made with  gluten-free oats – tapping into the growing demand for gluten-free products for children. The product will appeal to the 31 per cent of parents who provide their children with a packed school lunch due to allergies and intolerances.” **

Fruit & Oat Bites will be available in 125g doy bags, each containing five 25g snack bags, ensuring they are easy to access, carry and consume – ideal for on—the-go snacking.

The doy bag design mirrors the award winning*** packaging design of core cereal bar SKUs, featuring a logo which closely resembles the shape of a wheat grain, to reflect the natural harvest ingredients and introduces three new characters within the Harvest Cheweee animal family.

Variants available:

Packed with strawberries, raspberries and sultanas, Harvest Cheweee Fruit & Oat Very Berry Bites deliver bite-size fruit bursts of energy. Combined with rolled oats for satiety, they are the perfect snack for active kids.

Launching in Tesco November 2015. RRP: £1.69

Harvest Cheweee Fruit & Oat Bites Bananatastic consists of wholegrain rolled oats, succulent sultanas and squidgy banana goodness providing vital energy and satiety for all kids on-the-go.

Available from January 2016 RRP: £1.69

Harvest Cheweee Fruit & Oat Bites Cocoalicious are a healthier alternative to chocolate, whilst still satisfying a child’s cocoa craving. Ideal for any parents who want to give their child a permissible treat.

Available from January 2016 RRP: £1.69

*Winner of Kids Snack Product of the Year Award 2015

**YouGov online survey – Aug15

***Silver Pentawards winner 2015 – Global packaging design Awards (http://www.pentawards.org/winners/?cat=97)