October 25, 2021

Future Farm raises the ‘steaks’ in the plant-based game…

Future Farm, Latin America’s first food tech company to develop and produce plant-based meat, continues its goal of disrupting the UK’s meat industry, as it reveals the newly elevated 2030 Future Farm range.

The new range has been designed to be indistinguishable to that of its animal origin and consists of the Future Burger 2030, Future Mince 2030 and Future Meatball 2030. Each product has been updated and uniquely developed to fall in line with the United Nations Sustainable 2030 Development Goals, which are critical to shifting the world onto a sustainable and resilient path.

The 2030 Future Farm range has been updated with a unique mix of natural extracts to ensure a lighter flavour, with Canola oil and coconut fat for added nutritious benefits. With the use of technology, the coconut fat soaks into the Future Burger to give it a juicier, oozier, meatier taste than ever before. The Future Burger is also the first product in the range to emulate rare, medium and well done cooking points. 

By ‘upgrading’ its products, Future Farm has also considerably reduced the fat and calorie content per serving, and has one of the lowest sodium servings in the plant-based category globally. The 2030 Future Farm range is therefore the brand’s healthiest range yet.

In its fight for biodiversity and against the destruction of the rainforest, the brand demands high environmental standards from its suppliers, with each needing to be able to state that its produce is both GMO and deforestation free. 

Marcos Leta, Founder and CEO of Future Farm, said: “As a food company who uses technology, we are continually reinventing and looking to improve in terms of taste, sustainability, and healthiness. We know how indispensable these pillars are to consumers, as well as for ourselves. The 2030 Future Farm range comes at the start of a new era in the company and the plant-based market with new technology that will allow us to continually ‘update’ all our products, making them better for people and our planet.”

The team at Future Farm has developed the 2030 Future Farm range using revolutionary technology, with each product created specifically to correspond to Goal 12 and Goal 15 of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. This means the products need to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, and  protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss. 

To support this journey, Future Farm has also aligned its packaging, updating to a ‘planet earth’ green, which will be visible across the whole 2030 Future Farm range. 

Mr Leta continues: “If we all meet the UN Sustainable 2030 Development Goals, we will be the first generation to eradicate extreme poverty and save future generations from climate changes’ worst adverse effects. We don’t need another planet, so let’s save Mars for vacations and heal our utopia on planet Earth.”

The 2030 Future Farm range is available online via the Sainsbury’s website and at over 400 stores across the country.