September 27, 2021

Cockburn’s launches ready-to-drink can containing the signature cocktail of its popular Fine White Port

Offering the convenience of a perfectly balanced cocktail, Cockburn’s newly launched ready-to-drink Portonic can is a mix of Cockburn’s Fine White Port, tonic water, lemon & fresh mint.

Following the pre-pandemic tourism boom to Portugal, there has been growing interest in Porto & Lisbon lifestyles and much excitement around port & tonic cocktails. The UK has seen trade sales of white port increase by 61% between 2014 and 2020, while sales of Cockburn’s white port in the UK have increased by 340% over the same period. At the same time, ready-to-drink beverages have become increasingly premium, reflecting a consumer desire for drinks with quality ingredients and strong provenance. As the UK’s best-selling port brand with an established white port, Cockburn’s is ideally positioned to introduce an exciting new ready-to-drink can that builds on the increasingly popular port & tonic moments.

The signature Cockburn’s feather from the 75cl bottle of Porto Branco – which is drawn in the shape of the Douro River – is featured boldly across the can in a bright and distinct design. The can itself is fully recyclable with a lower carbon footprint than glass.

To celebrate the new Cockburn’s White Port & Tonic can, the brand is challenging people in Porto and London to take part in the ‘Birds of a Feather’ treasure hunt. Cockburn’s will hide blue & gold feathers in three locations in both Porto and London and every other day for a week, Cockburn’s will share a clue for people to find the feathers – the first that do will win a summer’s supply of its White Port & Tonic cans. Details of the competition will be shared on Cockburn’s Instagram soon.

“Cockburn’s has a history of doing things differently, from winemaking to famous TV adverts, and we’re excited to be launching our first White Port & Tonic in a can,” says Rob Symington, fifth generation port producer, Symington Family Estates. “It’s been great to see a new generation of port drinkers engaging with white port over the last few years and mixing it into cocktails as an aperitif. We believe the Cockburn’s White Port & Tonic can will build on this interest and open up new port drinking moments.”