May 25, 2018

Waitrose and Ocado now stocking Dalston’s premium canned craft sodas

Waitrose and Ocado is now stocking Dalston’s premium canned sodas in stores, RRP £1.19 for 330ml and £3.99 for four packs.

The new range of canned craft drinks are made in the UK with real ingredients sourced directly from the suppliers, blended with British spring water and a blend of beet/cane sugar. The range consists of three flavours- orangeade, lemonade and classic Dalston Cola.

Dan Broughton, Managing Director at Dalston’s, says: ‘’We are thrilled that both Waitrose & Ocado will be stocking the UK’s first London craft soda brand, helping to drive much needed excitement and value back into the soft drinks category.  We’ll be launching with our three multipacks in June and are excited to help light the touch paper for a Craft Soft Drinks revolution, similar to what we have witnessed with the meteoric rise of Craft Beer.”

The latest drinks from the craft soda makers challenge the notion that sparkling drinks are laden with sugar and chemicals. Instead the cans offer drinkers something to sip on that’s made without preservatives or high intensity sweeteners; instead trusting real ingredients which offer a premium taste.