November 28, 2020

Unlock the potential of your fridge and store cupboard with NEW Kaleido Salad Roll Paper

Fed-up of the lockdown and eating the same old time and time again? Now, thanks to the folk at Kaleido – the creators of London’s first salad you eat like a sandwich – you can unlock the potential of your fridge and store cupboard and create deliciously healthy salad rolls at home. 

Available nationwide, Kaleido salad roll paper can transform your meal and at only 30 calories per sheet and gluten-free it’s sure to make healthy playful. Just like a kaleidoscope the combinations are endless, as you can fill Kaleido salad rolls with whatever you like or have at home. All you need is ingredients that have a variety of textures, herbs – which you can use as an ingredient and not just as seasoning – as well as lots of colour.

The magic of Kaleido salad roll paper is that it is super versatile and in five easy steps you can create mouth-watering creations that are sure to impress the whole family.

How to create a Kaleido Salad Roll in five easy steps: 
Step One: wet rice paper for a couple of seconds in a bowl of warm water and put on a tea towel or plate ready to be filled 
Step Two: Add your filling on one edge of the paper and your decorative ingredients in the middle
 Step Three: Flip sides of your rice paper over 
Step Four: Flip the bottom of your rice paper up over the filling 
Step Five: Continue to roll the rice paper over the filling 
Voila you have made your first magical Kaleido salad roll filled with goodness! 

Founder of Kaleido, Laura Mimoun says “At Kaleido we are constantly evolving our brand and the array of delicious salad rolls and products we have on offer. We are really excited to be launching our New Kaleido Rice Paper and feel that there wasn’t a better time to do it than now. Whilst our stores in Selfridges and Kingly Street remain closed due to COVID-19 we were keen to give fans the opportunity to try and recreate our rainbow tubes of goodness at home and see for themselves just how surprisingly simple, tasty and good for you they can be. At Kaleido we are on a mission to make healthy playful and can’t wait to see the amazing kaleidoscopic salad roll creations people come up with.”  

Kaleido designs smart food that is surprisingly simple, tasty and good for you and at only £3.95 per 200g pack, mealtimes don’t have to be a chore or a bore anymore. Order your pack at and reinvent the way you eat forever. Go on you deserve it!