December 15, 2019

Tranquillity with a hint of chaos: introducing Meadows Gin

Manchester-based Meadows Gin looks to slow the rush of modern life with its debut 70cl bottle of premium gin.

Brothers Stephen and Anthony Mitten, and their cousin Carl, co-directors of Meadows Gin, spend countless hours walking in the great meadows of England – observing wildlife, appreciating nature and immersing themselves in a world free from skyscrapers and traffic jams. “The meadow is a special place for us,” says Anthony. “It’s a place where you can experience absolute peace and anarchy because nature is both serene and savage – you need both to really appreciate the world.” 

Inspired by the fine balance between beauty and chaos in nature, Meadows Gin is a premium botanical gin of 42% alcoholic volume, produced for those that understand that play needs work like the sun needs shadows to be truly appreciated. 

“I was struck by how little time people spend appreciating the world around them,” continues Anthony. “Drinking gin is about balance… you’ve got to value the little things, no matter how chaotic life gets. We wanted to produce a gin that takes people away from the grind of city life – just like the meadow helps us escape.”

From wildflowers and great oak trees to dragonflies and swallows, the abundance and versatility of life in the meadow is staggering. Meadows Gin was created to reflect the awe inspiring scope and balance of that environment, encouraging discerning gin drinkers to step back from their busy lives and regain their equilibrium. 

The taste of Meadows Gin is all about balance, crafted to slow the rush of modern life with a taste that is smooth, refreshing and unmistakeable. The traditional bite of juniper berries is soothed through an intricate distillation process, while grapefruit peel, bergamot and lavender round off the overtones. The distillers have combined the sharp tasteof orange, lemon and lime with subtle hand-selected spices for an alluring, nuanced flavour – providing the perfect escape from contemporary living. 

Meadows Gin co-director, Carl Mitten, says he wanted to “craft Meadows Gin into a versatile, vibrant and distinctive spirit that can be enjoyed while lazing in front of the fire on a frosty winter evening or embracing the party spirit late into the night.”

Offered in a striking, collectable bottle that depicts the English meadow in remarkable gilded detail, Meadows Gin was released on 30th November and is now available to buy in selected bars, retailers and online to customers in the UK, with an RRP of £45 including delivery. 

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