May 22, 2018


An eco-friendly invention gives coffee its Halo aiming to stem-the-tide of the 13,500 non-biodegradable coffee capsules being thrown into landfill every minute!

39,000 coffee capsules globally are produced every minute – and up to 29,000 of these are sent to landfill
That equates to 20 billion capsules containing aluminium or plastic being produced every year – enough to circle the earth 14 times over
Halo is the world’s first fully compostable coffee capsule filled with the finest, rarest and most desirable fresh coffee roasted and ground to perfection.  Compatible with Home Nespresso®️ machines, Halo is giving people the ultimate home coffee experience without compromising on taste, quality, convenience or planet.

Created by a world-class environmental design team, each Halo is made from a 100% natural blend of fibres including bamboo and paper that can simply be thrown in the home food bin when it’s finished. Every capsule biodegrades completely within 90 days, whereas an aluminium capsule takes 150 to 200 years. 

Buying Halo is just like buying a bag of freshly ground coffee but more convenient.  Each Halo is cleverly engineered to keep the incredible coffee completely fresh, so Halo capsules smell and taste the way great freshly ground coffee should.

Nils Leonard, Co-founder Halo said: “There is an unspoken suspicion that if products are good for the planet, they must somehow taste less good or be less beautiful. At Halo, we are on a mission to give people the world’s best coffees, in a way they want it, that’s best for the world.

We believe that the major coffee companies aren’t doing enough to combat waste, so if they won’t, we will. We want to set a new standard for coffee capsules and in a year we will have forced the whole industry to change.  For the first time, Kopi Luwak Diamond, the world’s finest and rarest coffee will b e available in a capsule for coffee lovers to enjoy with the knowledge that every cup isn’t harming the planet – and we’ve only just started.”

Richard Hardwick, Co-founder Halo said: “The coffee revolution has happened and one of the key challenges the industry now faces is the millions of tonnes of waste created as a result. Aluminium and plastic coffee capsules are difficult to recycle so most of them end up in the bin, and that’s why up to 75% are currently being sent to landfill every minute. Most people don’t understand the irreversible damage these coffee capsules are inflicting on the planet.  If changes are going to come in the coffee capsule market, it has to come from the speciality coffee industry, those that really care about their coffee.

It’s a design challenge that no-one has cracked, until now.   Creating Halo pushed expert capsule designers and coffee roasters to the limit, combining cutting edge innovation and modern materials with traditional craft.”

Halo is carefully packed with the world’s best coffees. All carefully, ethically and sustainably sourced and available in capsule format for the first time:

  • Kopi Luwak Diamond, one of the world’s rarest and most expensive beans
  • Halo’s signature Three Mountain Special Edition, a deep, complex espresso blend from three of the world’s tallest peaks – Kenyan Kilimanjaro, Columbian Andes and Nepalese Himalayan

Halo is available from our online shop.