January 15, 2021

The Busy Bees at Hilltop Honey launch three new product ranges

Award-winning Mid Wales honey producer, Hilltop Honey, will be making a big splash at Farm Shop & Deli Show with the launch of new, exclusive, and extremely sumptuous honeys including its exquisite Manuka Honey, Organic Fairtrade Honey – as well as a range of core honeys. Don’t miss a chance to sample these new products for the first time on stand G130 at Farm Shop & Deli Show, 16th – 18th April 2018.

Hilltop Honey is delighted to be bringing its first Manuka Honey to UK retail shelves. Unlike all the other honeys of the world, Manuka Honey is only being produced in New Zealand and is made from bees pollinating the Manuka bush which is native to the country. With only 1,700 tonnes produced each year at maximum capacity, this monofloral honey is one of the most premium, luxurious, and sought-after honeys and is in huge demand for its exceptional taste as well as nutritional and health attributes.

Just like how the Kiwi’s intended it to be, Hilltop Honey will be serving its new Manuka Honey in soft set form. Unlike other British honey producers, who sell Manuka in runny form, Hilltop Honey has aspired to be different, bringing its Manuka Honey to the UK in its original soft set state – just like how New Zealanders enjoy it!

Available as soft set makes it the perfect texture for spreading on toast, adding to smoothies or simply enjoying a large spoonful as a tasty treat! Characterised by its dark amber colour and strong flavour of earthy, herbaceous, and floral notes, Hilltop Honey Manuka is rich, luscious, bold and complex in flavour and really tantalises your taste buds. It will most definitely leave you craving that extra spoonful!

What makes Manuka Honey so unique?

Manuka honey has a higher concentration of non-peroxide activity (NPA) compared to other honeys.

NPA is an antibacterial property found in all honey but what sets Manuka apart is its higher concentration providing medical, healing and antibacterial properties – it’s often used to treat wounds and infections.

At Farm Shop & Deli Show, Hilltop Honey will be launching its soft set Manuka Honey in 250g jars in varying strengths (5+, 10+, 15+). Sourced from apiaries within New Zealand; Hilltop Honey Manuka Honey has been carefully sourced and tested from the best New Zealand beekeepers to certify authenticity.

*NEW LAUNCH* Hilltop Honey Organic Fairtrade Honey

Sample the new Hilltop Honey Organic Fairtrade on stand G130. Available in a 227g jar, this honey is 100% certified, sourced from Fairtrade co-operatives in developing countries. The sales of this Organic Fairtrade honey will contribute to fairer trading conditions and opportunities for honey producers. This will help to transform the lives of farmers and their communities, allowing the bee keeping co-operatives the opportunity to invest in their businesses and communities for a sustainable future.

This smooth, runny honey is 100% pure and of natural high quality. It has a rich amber colour and a delicate floral aroma. This honey is certified to international Fairtrade standards. Hilltop Honey Organic Fairtrade Honey now joins Hilltop Honey’s existing organic range including Organic Acacia, Organic Honeydew, Organic Limeflower and Organic Multiflower.

Scott Davies, Managing Director of Hilltop Honey said: “Fairtrade changes the way we trade through better prices and working conditions, and significantly improves and transforms the lives of many farmers worldwide. UK retailers and consumers have a compassion and responsibility towards this ethical assurance and with simple shopping choices we can help to change trade for the good. The launch of our Hilltop Honey Organic Fairtrade is our small way of helping producers in developing countries gain a better deal and we’re extremely proud to be launching this product.”

*NEW LAUNCH* – Hilltop Honey Core Range

And if that is not enough, Hilltop Honey will also be launching a Core Range of quality yet cost-effective honeys perfect for everyday use. The range will consist of Hilltop Honey Soft Set Honey (340g jar), Hilltop Honey Blossom Honey (340g jar), Hilltop Honey Blossom Honey (340g) squeezy bottle and Hilltop Honey Blossom Honey (720g) squeezy bottle. The Blossom Honey will also be available in 1.36kg and 3.17kg catering tubs, ideal for the foodservice sector.

Scott Davies, Managing Director of Hilltop Honey, commented: “My team at Hilltop Honey have been extremely busy developing, prototyping and now marketing these new products to the UK market and we’re so delighted to share these new honeys with you. We have always hoped to bring our customers a top-quality Manuka honey in its most original state; we are incredibly proud of this product – its exceptional in taste, texture and character and we’re sure you’ll love it.”

He adds: “The Core Range offers something for everyone – it’s a selection of everyday honey at reasonable prices so that you can have that daily dose of honey without feeling guilty! We’re confident this range will prove extremely popular for its versatility, affordability yet upholding of depth of flavour.”

Product Sampling at Farm Shop & Deli Show

Hilltop Honey will be sampling all the new lines and of course their ever favourite existing range of British, Organic and Speciality Honeys on their stand, G130, at Farm Shop & Deli Show and would be delighted to offer you a taste! Drop by the stand to sample, discover and be tantalised by everything honey!