January 21, 2021

Swap the bar for a jar with Plamil’s new Cocoabites

Plamil, the first certified producer of UK organic and vegan chocolate, is launching Cocoabites. The innovative new product is made with 100% renewable energy and is available in plastic free glass jars that are the greenest and most environmentally friendly packaging possible. 

The new jars, which are refillable, reusable and recyclable, come in three different variants:

  • Vegan White Cocoabites – chunks of white cocoa with a smooth rounded finish.
  • Vegan milky Smooth Cocoabites – a new generation of vegan milk chocolate, the delicate chunks have an outstanding flavour that makes them beyond moreish. 
  • Vegan Dark chocolate Cocoabites – For those preferring a darker chocolate, these bites of chocolate have an exquisitely high cocoa content of 67%, which delivers a premium taste with the sweetness coming from unrefined coconut blossom sugar.

Adrian Ling, Managing Director, commented: “We are excited to be launching these innovative Cocoabites and at the same time continuing to pursue one of our key philosophies of green production.

“The three Cocoabite jars not only deliver fantastic flavour but they represent a new chapter in how people can have a more sustainable enjoyment of chocolate.”

As well as fully recyclable jars, the range launches with 1kg refill packs providing retailers and consumers with the greenest purchasing solution possible. 

Like all Plamil products, Cocoabites have no milk, are wheat and gluten-free and are made to the highest no nut and no peanut standards.

The new Cocoabites range have an RRP of £2.50 and are available from leading independent health shops and online at www.plamilfoods.co.uk.