October 31, 2020

SMC raises the curtain on new, high precision digital pressure switch

zse20f_ise20SMC – the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics – has unveiled a new three-screen display, high precision digital pressure switch to give more information, more quickly.

The ZSE20(F)/ISE20 accurately measures the pressure of air or non-corrosive gas and is the ideal choice for operators who need a compact sensor with a single switching output, simple to read meter and a quick set-up time.

The ZSE20(F)/ISE20 is suitable for a range of applications including air pressure measurement and monitoring in general industrial machinery and semi-conductor equipment manufacture.

Machine operators can save time thanks to the three-screen display that can simultaneously check the measured value and set values. Further efficiencies are achieved with the option of three setting modes – three-step, simple or detailed – making it very user-friendly to set up.

A further advantage is that settings are maintained even if the power supply is cut, offering greater control in the process.

Bob Hitner, Marketing Manager for SMC in the UK, commented: “We are very proud of the ZSE20(F)/ISE20 which has been designed with operators in mind, so that functionality, ease of use and accuracy of information is readily available with a minimal delay. Not only is it cost effective to operate but saves energy too.”

Highly adaptable for different conditions, the ZSE20(F)/ISE20 has a minimum delay time setting of 1.5ms or less and a delay time of 5000ms has been added to the existing 20ms, 100ms, 500ms, 1000ms and 2000ms options found in similar SMC pressure switch products.

Compact and lightweight in design, the ZSE20(F)/ISE20 is also incredibly durable thanks to a pressure port with cross-shaped filter that reduces the risk of sensor damage by foreign matter, extending the lifespan of the product.

For further information and to download the catalogue and technical specifications of the ZSE20(F)/ISE20, see the SMC website: www.smcpneumatics.co.uk

SMC is a member of the British Fluid Power Association.