November 28, 2020

Slush Puppie Ltd to launch new no sugar versions of its iconic brands

Pioneers in the ice crystal drink market, Slush Puppie Ltd, whose products, Tango Ice Blast and Slush Puppie, are popular in cinema, entertainment venues and convenience, has committed to being 85% no sugar or no added sugar on all drinks. Slush Puppie Ltd also manufactures and distributes other popular soft drinks brands including Quench and Frutina, but first grew into a household name thanks to the much-loved Blue Raspberry Slush Puppie, the original ice crystal drink, recognised by its iconic Slush Puppie caricature.

Famous for its distinctive flavour and ‘Puppie’ logo, Slush Puppie first launched on the UK market in 1974, when Ralph Peters, father of the current MD Mark Peters, bought three Slush Puppie machines in order to launch this amazing product in Europe alongside the Peters family confectionary business. Since 1974, Slush Puppie Ltd has installed more than 22,000 Slush Puppie machines across Europe and has sold an estimated 175bn cups of Slush Puppie.

The initiative is in keeping with the current trend to reduce sugar consumption, and in response to consumer demand for healthier options. It’s an approach that ties in with government strategy to support consumers to lead healthier lives and reduce record levels of obesity, especially among young people.

Slush Puppie MD and owner of the family business, Mark Peters, explains: “We recognise that our consumers are keen to reduce their sugar intake, and wanted to do something that meant people could still reduce sugar in their diet while able to enjoy the little pleasures in life – such as Slush Puppie and Tango Ice Blast.

“In a bid to meet this demand, our company has committed to removing sugar from the leading iced beverages sold in the UK, making it one of the premiere soft drinks manufacturers in no sugar products.”

The British-based company has a 40-year history of making frozen drinks in the UK and employs more than 150 people across Europe. Slush Puppie Ltd also became an accredited Living Wage employer in April 2017.

MD, Mark Peters, says: “We are a family-owned business where we aim to put people first, from customers through to staff.”

Tango Ice Blast, the largest frozen beverage in the UK, will become a no sugar product.

The new No Sugar range will be aimed at current consumers and new audiences alike, for example in leisure centres, airports, soft play centres and suchlike.

Future seasonal flavours, such as the popular Frosty Berry Slush Puppie, will only be available in a no sugar option.

It already looks to be a popular innovation as a leading ice-skating group who recently converted their Slush Puppie range from Classic to No Sugar and have seen a 30% uplift in sales, since the changeover.