January 24, 2019

Sales soar for Herald’s range of edible straws

Six months on from the UK launch, Herald has announced overwhelming sales success for its range of edible straws and is now making plans to add further flavours to its selection in the New Year. Any new additions will sit alongside the popular best sellers, strawberry, lemon and lime, offering more choice to the pub, bar and HoReCa sectors, where the straws are currently selling so well.

The UK’s sole supplier of edible straws, Herald initially targeted a mixed and varied audience in a bid to test the market and anticipate demand. As an edible fruity product, it was expected that the straws would appeal to parents and children as a sweet treat, selling alongside soft drinks at festivals and events and in family-friendly hotels and restaurants.

The quality disposables manufacturer and supplier has, however, also experienced a flurry of interest from the cocktail market, reflecting sales on the Continent, where the straws have established a loyal customer base in bars and clubs. Managing director of Herald, Yogesh Patel, explains: “The straws are an enticing addition to the regular cocktail extras as they provide the final edible ingredient, alongside the variable ice, olives and decorative fruit slices.

“They have the ability to turn a drink into an experience and, of course, there is also the extremely pertinent environmental aspect – the straws don’t get thrown away when the drink is finished. These straws get eaten so they’re not adding to the waste that is currently causing major issues.”

Since the pioneering new product launched, Herald has been innundated with queries which has served the company well. Yogesh comments: “We knew that the straws would cause a major stir as they are a ground-breaking product with such great potential and so it’s hard not to get excited.

“We didn’t anticipate the interest that this would generate in the rest of our offering, however. Many new customers have been introduced, via the straws, to other products in our catalogue and we are building strong new relationships and making further sales across a wide selection of goods as a result.”

With over 30 years since its inception, Herald is renowned for its vast catalogue of products that provides an unrivalled breadth of choice. The company has recently announced that it has increased its warehouse facilities and invested in new machinery. A member of the Foodservice Packaging Association, it aims to further develop its manufacturing capability and provide a valid, quality alternative to the current offering when it comes to catering disposables. 

For further information on Herald, log on to www.heraldplastic.com or call 0208 507 7900 to request a sample of the edible straw.