April 2, 2020

Rebel Kitchen says ‘the end of milk is now’

The End of Milk is now, so says Rebel Kitchen® in its new ‘Made By Rebels’ Out of Home and Social Media campaign that champions its Mylk® dairy alternative – a blend of sustainable, organic plant-based ingredients which tastes and acts just like milk.

The campaign follows a scientific study by Ulster University which confirmed Rebel Kitchen’s claim that their Mylk is just like its dairy counterpart.

“Our tests have shown that an overwhelming number of individuals cannot distinguish between the taste and texture of Rebel Kitchen ‘Mylk’ and dairy milk,” says Dr Amy Burns of the Food And Consumer Testing Suite at Ulster University. “Our research also discloses that ‘Mylk’ is significantly preferred to other plant-based alternatives.”

Not only did consumers prefer Rebel Kitchen Mylk over other dairy alternatives like Oatly, Alpro soya and Innocent coconut, the study also showed a strong preference for the Rebel Kitchen alternative over cow’s milk itself. 

“Dairy alternatives are popular now more than ever, however consumers are still expected to compromise,” says Ben Arbib, Co-Founder of Rebel Kitchen. “Rebels never settle, that’s why our Mylk is the only true dairy alternative.”

The ‘Made by Rebels’ campaign is now live for five weeks starting in London Waterloo with disruptive creative developed by award-winning agency Grey London, that features rebellious hidden messages. The rebellion will continue with an ‘End of Milk Day’ in London Euston on the 11th March. Rebel Kitchen will also target the grocers, including Tesco and Sainsburys, with ads featuring personalised messages.