July 23, 2018

Rebel Kitchen enters milk alternative category

Rebel Kitchen has entered the milk alternative category with the introduction of Mylk, which has been launched into 230 Waitrose stores.

Dairy alternatives are a booming category. Whether for health or sustainability reasons, more and more consumers are reaching out for plant based versions of the creamy white stuff. But are they really yummy? Mostly not. They tend to have a single ingredient as a base (like almonds or oats) with a large percentage of water so they can have a weak taste and watery texture.

In keeping with Rebel Kitchen’s ethos of never settling, they have saved the day by creating Mylk. Six simple ingredients are blended together to replicate the great flavour qualities of cow’s milk but is 100 per cent dairy free. The taste profile is built from organic coconut cream to replicate the richness of dairy milk; organic brown rice to mirror the natural sweetness (which comes from lactose); and nutritional yeast to add the grassy notes found in dairy milk. It’s the perfect match for cereal, a smoothie or foamed for an epic latte.

Not only does it taste and look like dairy milk, but it can be shopped in the same way too. Mylk is available in whole; semi skimmed and skimmed variants allowing consumers the freedom to choose their preferred fat content, making it an easy switch for dairy drinkers. Adam Thompson, Commercial Director, says “We believe this is the next step in innovation for the free-from milk category. Never before have consumers been able to shop this category like the traditional dairy aisle. We see Mylk as a contender for dairy sales in the same way that meat-free alternative brands now make most of their sales from a non-vegetarian customer base. This is a fast-growing category with plenty of potential, in 2002 milk alternatives sales were only five per  of those of cow milk’s – by 2021 they will be 20 per cent.”

Rebel Kitchen Co-Founder and MD, Tamara Arbib, says: “The definition of a ‘Rebel’ is to ‘question the norm’ and that is exactly what we’re doing with our launch of Mylk. We’ve all grown up shopping the milk aisle based on our preference for the red, green or blue tops. Then when entering the plant based arena, you have to make a decision from almond through to soya but none of them are really delivering on taste – until now.”

Rebel Kitchen Mylk has a higher percentage of coconut than any other dairy alternative on the market ranging from eight per cent organic coconut cream in the skimmed variant to 25 per cent in the whole variant.

Rebel Kitchen Mylk is available in Waitrose RRP £2.99.