January 16, 2019

Puratos launches Satin Vegan cake mix in plain and chocolate

According to The Vegan Society one in five consumers are actively reducing their meat intake and overall the society says that there has been an increase of 360 per cent of veganism in ten years, with ‘Veggie comfort food’ rising by an astounding 336 per cent in 2016 alone. For its part, Puratos UK recognises the value to its customers of this growing trend and that following a vegan diet doesn’t mean going without great tasting food of any kind – including cake!

Puratos UK believes that vegan consumers should have the right to delicious patisserie and bakery ingredients without any compromise in taste and texture, which is why it has launched two new Satin Vegan cake mixes, to complement its existing Satin range that has been established for 25 years.

Puratos UK originally launched the Satin brand with plain and chocolate crème cake mix and over the years new flavours and textures have been introduced, which are still available today. As with all its products, health, freshness and taste are a priority and Satin Vegan Cake Mix range is no different. These cake mixes are available in chocolate and plain flavours and deliver a moist cake with a short bite that everyone will enjoy.

These Satin vegan mixes also aim to deliver great value for customers. They just need the addition of soya milk, water,  vegetable oil & glycerine and, as with the other mixes in the Puratos Satin range, are very tolerant and robust and can easily be adapted, allowing the baker to make all styles of cake. 

With retail and restaurant establishments such as All Bar One, Pret A Manger, Zizzi, Wagamama Waitrose and the new Tesco ‘Wicked’ range, to name but a few, focusing on products being designed to cater for the vegan market, the bakery sector cannot afford to miss out.

In a recent study by The Vegan Society nine out of ten vegans said they want more grab and go options. Using the Puratos Satin Vegan Cake Mix there are a host of recipes that can be made, from muffins to cake slices to biscuits and cookies, complimented with the Puratos vegan friendly Real Belgian Chocolate, fruit toppings and fillings.