April 6, 2020

Product review – Vita vodka

As the world’s first vodka designed to be mixed with water, Spanish brand Vita certainly has set about ploughing a furrow that was previously untouched.

Aimed at attracting health and lifestyle-conscious drinkers – particularly millennials – keen to enjoy alcohol without the sugar, gluten and additives prevalent in soft-drink mixers, Vita’s heart’s in the right place but does it deliver? Well, kind of.

Mixed with water Vita isn’t awful, it’s just not that awe-inspiring either. Get the measure of water wrong and it tastes mildly like a vodka and lemonade that had a copious amount of ice that has long since melted.  

Going against the grain, when tried with some actual lemonade the result was much more palatable. Given the fact its whole raison d’etre is that it should be served with just water, however, it remains to be seen whether the product will have widespread appeal.

That said, with the anti-sugar movement increasing in power all the time, particularly as so many consumers look to improve their lifestyle habits, Vita will undoubtedly have its supporters, especially within the millennial set.

For those that are interested, drinks wholesaler InterBev is distributing Vita throughout the UK.