December 12, 2018

How Pizza Hut saw a 50% increase in organic traffic through a partnership with BRIDGE, the leading online to offline marketing solution by Leadformance

To sustain growth and increase organic traffic in Europe, Pizza Hut launched a vast project to redesign its websites. With the objective to increase Pizza Hut’s local search visibility in the countries where they operate, they identified two key initiatives: the standardization of the websites and the deployment of store locators. Pizza Hut chose the BRIDGE solution over an alternative American provider because of their continued innovation to optimize the digital journey to drive footfall. BRIDGE is the leader in online to offline marketing solutions in Europe and is part of the SoLocal Group.

Thanks to the BRIDGE solution, each country now has its own customized store locator and local pages highlighting each individual Pizza Hut location. On each local page, visitors will find contact details, address, opening hours, as well as the different services offered by the specific Pizza Hut location. The store locator also includes different conversion features such as online booking for “dine in” restaurants along with delivery options to increase sales.

Many countries including Poland, Malta and Germany have already set up their store locators. Spain and Portugal are expected to do so in the near future. The main objective has been to increase organic traffic for local search queries such as “Pizza + City”. Beyond organic traffic, the store locator will allow consumers to be directed to the Pizza Hut ecommerce pages.

Pizza Hut, which is part of the Yum! Group (includes brands such as KFC and Taco Bell), has experienced double digit growth. Pizza Hut Poland has already seen a 50% increase in organic traffic thanks to the partnership.

Comments from Olivier Guilhot, Digital Director of Pizza Hut Europe: “Pizza Hut is the market leader and has always put digital innovation at the heart of its success. Pizza Hut was the pioneer in many areas such as online orders, fast delivery services, taking orders using PlayStation, Xbox or Messenger using chatbots. We are in a very competitive market in terms of local search and there are new competitor businesses who are very digitally focused. Also, our clients’ behavior has evolved towards mobile. Standardizing our sites to optimize our position in search engine results and offering a unique experience to our clients with an optimized digital journey is a major step in the consolidation of our position as market leader – this is why we chose the BRIDGE solution from Leadformance.”

Comments from Cyril Laurent, Co-founder and CEO of Leadformance: “We deployed the first store locator in Poland last summer and we are already seeing meaningful results. The proportion of organic visits from SEO on local pages is 50% higher than other Pizza Hut pages. Also, the store locator generates 16% more visitors with a bounce rate that is three times lower. Our vision is to guide Pizza Hut and all our clients in the deployment of an adapted solution that overcomes their global and local challenges, and increases the volume of both online and in-store sales.”