April 5, 2020

Pellefood showcases easy-to-prepare premier gourmet falafel mix

Pellefood is making it possible for anyone to create high-quality authentic falafel in just minutes with its easy-to-prepare premier gourmet falafel mix.

As an Israeli company, Pellefood knows exactly how traditional falafel should look and taste. With the assistance of some of Israel’s top chefs, it has developed a professional falafel mix recipe that incorporates this know-how.

The recent growth in veganism has sparked a new enthusiasm for falafel as a ‘vegan wonder food’. The chickpea-based food is a tasty, healthy option for all diets and requirements. Pellefood’s premier Falafel’z mix uses only the best quality ingredients, gluten-free, with no additives, preservatives, MSG or cholesterol.

As well as traditional falafel presentations, the premier mix can be used to create falafel burgers. A tasty alternative that retains the shape and texture of burgers, the Falafel’z burgers are grilled (rather than fried) for a healthy option.

The gourmet mix means you don’t need to be a professional to create the perfect falafel. The long shelf life makes it the perfect fit for any kitchen, with guaranteed consistency in taste and texture.

It also ensures customers always get the freshest possible food as the mix can be prepared on-demand before frying rather than hours in advance. This reduces operating costs and waste.

For more information please contact:

Hadas Weizman

[email protected]

UK: +44.208.0895091