October 26, 2020

NutriPot unveils new product packaging

NutriPot, the healthy fast food brand from The Triangle Nutrition Limited, has unveiled a new look for its nutritious product range.

The new packaging has been designed to clearly showcase the ranges nutritional benefits, including each flavour’s traffic light system results, hitting green for Fat, Saturates and Sugars. Updated serving information such as each product providing 50 per cent of all daily 28 vitamin and mineral needs, as well as no artificial colours, preservatives and MSG, whilst still remaining high in protein and fibre is also featured.

The new branding now also includes directional instructions to highlight ease of use for each product, only requiring hot water to create a healthy, fortified meal.

Nutripot is a range of delicious, instant pot meals which provide consumers with 50 per cent of the body’s daily vitamin and mineral needs and come available in four flavours including; Aromatic Thai Noodles, Chicken & Mushroom Noodles, Moroccan Couscous and Quattro Formaggi Pasta.

Boasting a range of nutritional benefits, NutriPots are perfect for protein seekers looking to bolster their intake pre or post workout, the elderly or nutritionally incomplete who are unable to hit the recommended nutritional intake as well as being perfect for those who are looking for a healthy and convenient meal on-the-go, such as shift workers.

NutriPot contains the essential vitamins and minerals to help keep bones and teeth strong, skin, hair and nails looking and feeling healthy, aid cognitive function, reduce tiredness and fatigue and keep customers feeling fuller for longer.

Stacy Cronly-Dillon, brand manager at NutriPot, says: “The revamp of packaging is not only more visually appealing and eye-catching to our consumers, but the colours have also been chosen to reflect the flavour choices, making it easier for customers to pick their favourites.

“It  has been designed to clearly show how nutritionally sound the Nutripot range is. Regardless of the demographic, more and more of us are looking for a meal that requires minimum effort but maximum nutritional benefits – which is exactly what NutriPot is.”