November 28, 2020

Newby Teas launches in Harrods with products ranging from £45 to £75,000

Luxury high-end tea brand Newby Teas has launched in the world’s most famous department store, Harrods. This announcement further establishes Newby’s place in the luxury markets and marks Newby’s increasing presence in high-end retailers; current stockists include Harvey Nichols and Waitrose.

Harrod’s Tea & Coffee Hall stocks only the best teas from around the globe, a hall with high standards for entry and limited membership. This hall now includes two of Newby Teas’ classic collections that really represent the essence of Newby. Eight exquisite silver-plated caddies can also be found in the Tea & Coffee Hall. The Luxury Gourmet Cabinet has added the Epitome Caddy, one of Newby’s diamond-encrusted caddies perfect for the ultimate connoisseur of fine goods and tea epicureans.

Newby Teas' Gourmet Gourmet Collection
Newby Teas’ Gourmet Gourmet Collection

The Gourmet Collection features five premium loose-leaf teas, three black and two green, that are hand-harvested and truly unforgettable. On sale will be the Rare Assam, Prime Darjeeling, Special Formosa, Majestic Himalaya and Supreme Jasmine. They range in price from £45-£75.

The Oolong Collection has two exquisite caddies that hold gourmet tea from Taiwan. The Four Seasons Spring and High Mountain aromatic teas are subject to the rigorously observed processes of sun-wilting, bruising, oxidisation and wok-firing that showcase the multiple facets of mysterious oolong. The Oolong teas retail for £135.

Newby’s silver plated tea caddies draw inspiration from the height of tea culture in the 18th century. Created to be as precious as the leaves they hold, these caddies are a masterpiece, impressive enough to stand alone on any mantelpiece as a marriage of modernity with history. These caddies retail for £245.

The luxury Epitome Caddy features 10 round brilliant cut diamonds. It is an artisan piece made by Italian master jeweller Scavia whose following includes Naomi Campbell and Liz Taylor, and is designed by Newby Teas’ founder Mr Nirmal Sethia. The owner will be among good company; one caddy is on the personal shelf of a head of state, given as a gift from Newby founder Nirmal Sethia, and another is in the Chitra Collection by Newby, the world’s largest private tea accessories collection. Epitome caddy retails for £75,000.00.

Nirmal Sethia, founder of Newby Teas and owner of the world’s largest private tea accessories collection, the Chitra Collection by Newby, said: “Our launch in the world’s most distinguished high end department store is another seal of approval for Newby Teas, my first love. The selection available in Harrods truly embodies the essence of Newby.”