April 22, 2019

New thermal transfer ribbons from Markem-Imaje complete SmartDate X series range

Two new thermal transfer ribbon types have been launched by Markem-Imaje, the leading global manufacturer and distributor of coding and marking solutions. The new SmartDate Xpert and SmartDate Xceed have been designed for use with the Markem-Imaje SmartDate coders on all types of flexible packaging.   It follows the launch of the SmartDate Xtra ribbon and completes the range of SmartDate X series thermal transfer ribbons.

The high-end SmartDate Xpert ribbons are formulated for difficult environmental conditions. Their resin base allows for coding in extremely hot environments and offers a high level of resistance to oil, solvent and abrasion. They are capable of resisting temperatures as high as 250 °C and can be used on the SmartDate X60 up to speeds of 600 mm/s. 

Stephen Kean, Markem-Imaje Thermal Transfer product manager, said: “The new SmartDate Xpert ribbons are the ideal solution for the evolving needs of the food and beverage industry, with the ability to code on all types of flexible material and print ultra-sharp text, logos and high density graphics, including 2D codes.”

Setting a new industry standard, the versatility of the SmartDate Xtra ribbons allows all products to be coded using just one ribbon grade. Codes are 25 per cent more durable than when using other comparable ribbons, which ensures codes remain legible throughout the production process and transportation. SmartDate Xtra ribbons are also available in 1100m and 900m lengths which helps to limit production downtime.

The SmartDate Xceed range offers the most cost effective solution without compromising print quality. Available in black and white, it is compatible with corner edge thermal printheads – unlike wax ribbons – resulting in higher quality codes at faster line speeds and in more demanding environments. SmartDate Xceed ribbons are the latest generation of thermal transfer ribbons manufactured to achieve the best results with Markem-Imaje SmartDate coders.

The entire family of SmartDate X series ribbons is certified by Markem-Imaje. It allows customers to make the best of the company’s SmartDate coders and benefit from all product warranties including the thermal printhead warranty. Customers also benefit from direct access to a single point of contact for expert global support.

About Markem-Imaje

Markem-Imaje, a wholly owned subsidiary of the US-based Dover Corporation is a trusted world manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions, offering a full line of reliable and innovative inkjet, thermal transfer, laser, and print and apply label systems.

Markem-Imaje provides global reach to over 50,000 customers with 30 subsidiaries, six technology centres, several equipment repair centres and manufacturing plants with the most comprehensive marking and coding portfolio available in the marketplace.

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